Join the Discussion – Writing a One Act Play with David Riley

2.30-4.30pm, Friday 5th July 2013
at Central Library

Come and discuss some of the things that make up a
good one act play. See how different artistic genres
can be drawn on to make something effective and
David is a playwright and is a previous winner of the
Blackpool based Grand Words one act playwriting
competition. His short works have had productions
across various parts of northern England in locations
varying from theatres, pubs, art galleries and
museums. He has also had a short piece produced on
internet radio. Recently his interests have included
poetry and oral storytelling. He is interested in the
ways these might be related to more traditional
forms of the writing and delivery of plays.
Earlier in his career he produced a short verse play
which was also related to a painting, again showing an
interest in the mixing of artistic genres. David has
connections to the Blackpool Dead Good Poets and
Stage Write, the latter an organisation offering
readings and advice on new works for performance.


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