‘Lights Out’ and Poems about ‘Light’

Central Library joined the national commemorations of the 100 year anniversary of the start of WW1 on Monday with Local History talks and poetry readings. Carefully chosen poems, personal recollection and sharing of local stories of war and conflict made this a most memorable event for all who attended. Throughout the day local cadets held a vigil at the cenotaph and the BBC covered the turning off of Blackpool Tower’s illuminations as part of their round the UK feature in the run up to the 10pm Westminster Cathedral service.

It seemed fitting that our closing date for entries to our ‘Light’ Poetry Competition coincided with the national ‘Lights Out’ commemorations. A flurry of last minute entries from all over the UK brought our total of poems to over 100. A very encouraging response to Wordpool’s first poetry competition. Our judge Polly Atkin will have the difficult task of choosing our winner.

The winning poem will be launched as an illuminated animation in the illuminations for National Poetry Day, October 2nd, 2014. Keep in touch with the blog for updates and announcements about this very special event.


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