Dream, speak, love, live, act and think “Make like a poet” for National Poetry Day


See the responses to Anthony Burrill’s invitation to Think, Dream, Speak, Live, Love, Act

like a poet lit up in Blackpool Illuminations on North Promenade (opposite The Cliffs Hotel)

on display from 8.10.15-8.11.15


Cllr Vicky Singleton and Poet Mark Grist at the launch


Baby Lottie helps mum Johanna switch on “Make like a poet” .


Johanna’s Pickstone’s photo of baby daughter Lottie was chosen by graphic artist Anthony Burrill




jGl-0pWHgUCCHmwitqFGeLlgkQmg92O7SyZ1LZ6AKeE JOxqFu88tbyp9v98nVJkwtONb6ySqtBD2ZoCPGbuWEI

Joseph Coelho’s response  “Stars giggle/like babies/in the blanket/of night”

Nziz5blI3fCG-k4YphGEfV9-tAPnH52oFhjL90GTz4A uJ_XLDoxKkJTbu3nVCit7RSMgmkhIobPFcrWx8S7VVo UnPdNdfE7TM-HriiTOIjRbSVHC2p0alk1hlxweRpAPA

Firefly by Yr 9 pupils Bradley Justice and Thomas Threlfall


© Anthony Burrill, courtesy Thirteen Ways and The Space
© Anthony Burrill, courtesy Thirteen Ways and The Space



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